Rocket Club - Bristol, Maine

CALARSIS Starring Xander Berkeley in Limerick, Maine (2019).

Director Steve Balderson is currently filming his next feature film CALARSIS starring Xander Berkeley in Limerick, Maine. October 2019.

When asked "How to Make it in the movie business" I like to think 90% of the time it is based on being at the right place at the right time and availability.  I've actually seen BACKGROUND ACTORS upgraded to speaking roles before my very eyes.  It is worth it.

The next time you are asked to work as an EXTRA or STAND IN take this opportunity to meet people who might be beneficial to your career.  All it takes is a moment of serendipity.

When an extra is moved to a speaking role their whole career can change from making $100 a day to $750 a day and a trailer full of goodies.

Never give up on your dreams and always be improving your skills .

Thank you for listening,
James Stiles

Recent Credits: ROCKET CLUB (2019)

Recent Credits: ROCKET CLUB (2019)
Casting Director: James Stiles -