Rocket Club - Bristol, Maine

CALARSIS Starring Xander Berkeley in Limerick, Maine (2019).

Director Steve Balderson is currently filming his next feature film CALARSIS starring Xander Berkeley in Limerick, Maine. October 2019.

It's a dream come true

Cheers everyone to working in film and TV.  When I was nine years old I watched the movie Dual by Steven Spielberg and it blew me away.  Right away I wanted to make movies. I got my hands on an old 8 mm film camera and filming I did. I made a bunch of short films always trying to imitate Steven in every cool shot he did.  Then JAWS boom! and then STAR WARS boom!.  This was a great time to be alive!. I'm sure many inspiring filmmakers came from this starting point of amazing movies.

For my fellow actors. It is your dream to act in movies and it is the filmmakers dream to make a great movie. The relationship in many cases are the same i.e. Clint Eastwood directs and acts in his own movies. Many do. Or produce. There is a director and filmmaker in all of us.  Many famous actors like Ben Stiller wanted only to direct movies but his acting career took off.  Being an actor you can realistically work on a movie per year. Being a filmmaker you nurse the movie to maturity for a good five years. 

When on the set remember everyone on the set has a dream that is coming true. The better you can help move things along and stay on budget the more you will work in this business.

Recent Credits: ROCKET CLUB (2019)

Recent Credits: ROCKET CLUB (2019)
Casting Director: James Stiles -