Rocket Club - Bristol, Maine

CALARSIS Starring Xander Berkeley in Limerick, Maine (2019).

Director Steve Balderson is currently filming his next feature film CALARSIS starring Xander Berkeley in Limerick, Maine. October 2019.
Why are movies about my state not filmed in my state?

I get this question a lot.  The incentive to film in Canada is great. Cheaper, bigger studios, all inclusive area that provides housing, studio, and locations.

The best thing one can do is contact their local film office and ask for support on getting movies to their state.  If you don't ...get ready to settle for the bare minimum of the occasional commercial and infomercial and maybe a plethora of indi low budgets.

The big 50 million dollar movies are looking to save money and time.  They have a lot riding on their investment and its usually in their best interest to go where the confidence is. 

Lets beef up local areas and make them more film friendly knowing they can relay on us to get it done!

Recent Credits: ROCKET CLUB (2019)

Recent Credits: ROCKET CLUB (2019)
Casting Director: James Stiles -